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This is Your Service
This is your Habonim Dror People Finder Service. If you are an alum of Habonim or Dror, or if you attended any of the camps, workshops or other programs, use this service to find and contact your chaverim of yesteryear and at the same time help us, the Habonim Dror Foundation*, to maintain an up-to-date list. Note that this site maintains your own (and other chaverim's) privacy!
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This is a service of the Habonim Dror Foundation. Information about Habonim Dror Foundation members and Habonim Dror Alumni is confidential. This service is intended to help chaverim locate each other and to allow the Foundation to maintain an up-to-date contact list.
Your Privacy on People Finder
Current addresses and phone numbers of members are maintained on this site for use of the Foundation only. They are not accessible to the general membership or the public. Even email addresses are not provided to other members. However, email is FORWARDED between members without divulging the addressee's email to the sender, permitting chaverim to write each other in order to reestablish contact.
How This Service Works
You can use the service to locate people by just clicking on the "Find People" link on the sidebar. The page that is displayed allows you to search for members by name, Workshop, Machaneh Bonim, Machon, Habonim Institute, camps attended and movement activity. Just fill in the data and click the Search button. The initial data in the database was taken from the Habonim Dror Foundation files in 2000, and has grown since. It is hoped that you and other chaverim will assist us in updating these files and keeping them current.
To update your own data, you must obtain a Username and Password. Do so by clicking on the "Login" link on the sidebar. Enter your name and email address. If these are already in the database, you will immediately receive a username and password (by email) so that you can update your own record. If they are not, you can still get login privileges overnight.
How To Send Email to Friends
Once you have logged in, you can send email to long-lost chaverim without learning their email address. Search for a person and click on "info" next to his/her name. On the Information screen, next to "Email" you will find a "Send Email" link (only if the database has that person's email address). Click on it, and the rest is easy. If, by some chance, the email returns to you, make sure to tell us that the email address is wrong -- so we can purge it and look for a correct email address.
You Can Help...a painless moment of your time
Once you have login rights, you can also provide us with email addresses of other chaverim. While we have over to 8000 records of former movement members and friends (including 2000 email addresses), our database is incomplete. We are particularly interested in names and email addresses for contact purposes (and we will ask everyone whose email address we get to update their own data). It will only take moments of your time. Just click on the "I Can Help" button after you login. If your friends do not appear in our list, just TELL THEM, and they can come to the site and apply for a UserName and Password (it will only take THEM moments to get one!)
In Memoriam
We have an incomplete list of chaverim who have passed away. You may click "In Memoriam" on the sidebar to see the list. Add your own words of remembrance to the listing for your chaverim--they will immediately be viewable by everyone. If someone is missing from the list, please use the "I Can Help" button on the sidebar to tell us about him or her, and we will add them.
About People Finder
People Finder is the brainchild of SAM BERGMAN and Steve Weinberg, in consultation with Ezra Weinberg, Brian Cooper and Ken Bob. Sam wrote the software. The initial database comes from the Habonim Dror Foundation, augmented by the list of Habonet members and various lists of ex-Workshoppers. The site is currently being maintained by ARI SCLAR.   COMMENTS on the way this site OUGHT TO work are welcome!
For the technically-minded, the site runs on Microsoft IIS, employs a (Microsoft) SQL database, and is written using ASPs with VB Scripting. It is hosted by The software is copyrighted by the Habonim Dror Foundation*.

  * The Habonim Dror Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation operated by Habonim Dror alumni and friends to provide the financial and operational support needed to sustain Habonim Dror North America as an autonomous Labor Zionist Youth Movement for future generations.
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